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Dialog systems of communication in natural language

LingoTron © language platform

The LingoTron © linguistic platform is based on a classical approach computer linguistics-rules. The platform has been developed for more than 5 years, includes syntax, semantics, ontological part of the system of preliminary processing of the text. Platfora is based on the principle of describing linguistic entities using specialized languages. Implemented in C++, using the STL and BOOST libraries, platform-independent.

Service robots

"By the 20th year, the average person will talk more to a robot than to a spouse ... ", - wrote The Gartner in 2016. A little wrong. However, the trend of adding voice interfaces to service robots is obvious. The LingoTron © platform is the basis for voice interface systems with service robots.

Voice assistants

Soon, most of the search queries will become voice. This is due to the growing popularity of" smart " speakers Google Home, Apple HomePod, Alexa, Alisa, etc. With the help of" smart " columns, for example, customers can make orders. The LingoTron © platform can be the basis for various voice assistants.

Vending machines

Voice-controlled vending machines are gaining popularity. The Lingotron © system is the basis for voice interface systems with vending machines.

Smart house

The LingoTron © platform can be used to develop a natural language interface with Smart Home systems. A number of typical scenarios and reactions have been prepared for voice control of standard elements smart house. The system is interfaced with devices via the modbus Protocol.

Educational process

The trend of using robots to automate pedagogical work is gaining strength. First of all, these practices are based on the voice communication between the robot and the student. The LingoTron © platform can be used in the development of systems that automate the educational process.

Voice interactive advertising

Nowadays, voice advertising significantly increases the measurability of listening to audio messages and the conversion of listening to sales. The need for voice applications for online stores with customer service functions has become obvious. Major sellers-Gazprom Radio, Media Direction Group, OMD, Mindshare, Wavemaker, providing their customers with voice interactive advertising technology, note, that the format is popular and highly effective.

Microphone arrays

Microphone arrays solve the problem of clearing the input sound stream from noise. For example, if the room is noisy and several people are communicating with each other, the microphone arrays allow you to understand exactly who is talking to the robot and clear the speaker's speech from background conversations. We create microphone arrays of digital i2s mems microphones, number of mems microphones can be arbitrary (<=16 normally), as well as spatial configuration of microphones can be arbitrary and match the robot's design. We use our own SOFTWARE to localize sound sources and separate sound by the selected azimuth.


Chatbots are computer programs that are able to maintain a dialogue with the user. In retail, they are used for consultation, order acceptance, and sales. In personal service robots are used to maintain a casual conversation between the client and the robot (to "chat" with the robot). The LingoTron © platform is the basis for developing a variety of chatbots.

Autonomous navigation based on Intel Realsense2

SLAM on RGB-camera

Camera Intel Realsense2 combines high-quality RGB images, miniature dimensions, low power consumption and, at the same time, belongs to the lower price range. The d435 and D415 models can produce a stereo image. On the basis of these cameras, you can perform the procedure map construction and robot localization (SLAM).

SLAM on Intel Realsense 2

Despite the visually good construction of the map, the quality of SLAM by Intel Reaksense 2 leaves much to be desired. This is due to the relatively low accuracy of the depth map of this camera. As a result, we have a fairly low accuracy of point descriptors, which can be seen in the video. We are working in this direction and we have a number of options that can compensate for the inaccuracy of Realsense2.

Autonomous robots

Upgrade RBOT 100

We make deep modernization of popular personal service robots RBOT 100 - installed voice unit (including microphone array), which includes a chatbot, voice motion control and a voice information system about the robot's condition.Also on request we install a stereo camera to enable Autonomous driving and obstacle avoidance.

Robot development in partnership with Applied Robotics

Together with the company "Applied Robotics" developing fully Autonomous robot with voice control. The robot will carry out Autonomous movement on based on a laser rangefinder and (or) a stereo camera, it will be equipped with a voice control module.


  • Can the LingoTron system realize a complete understanding of natural language?

    • The LingoTron platform was developed for a wide range of applications. However, the system only works in certain subject areas. To work in a specific subject area, you need to develop a corresponding module.

  • What LingoTron subject areas have already been developed?

    • At the moment, a chatbot has been developed, these are General conversations like " How are you?"or "What do you like?". The development of space-time logic AND the subject area has also been started the state of the robot.

  • What functionality does installing a speech block on RBOT 100?

    • When you install the voice module on the robot RBOT100 you can voice control the movement, getting information about the state of the robot by voice.

  • What robots does the company develop and sell?

    • Together with Applied Robotics company develops and sells a number of Autonomous robots. In addition, we are implementing a deep modernization popular personal service robot RBOT 100, adding a voice module and a machine vision module to it.
  • What is the element base of robots produced in conjunction with Applied Robotics?

    • Robots produced in conjunction with Applied Robotics collected mainly on electronics produced in the Russian Federation

  • What is the price of robots produced in conjunction with Applied Robotics?

    • We produce robots of a wide price range : from 500 000 rubles to 1.5 million rubles

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